Designing a street food brand

Recently we had the opportunity to create a brand for a London street food company.

30th June 2014

We recently had the opportunity of creating a brand for a London street food company.

This brand creation was to coincide with the launch of their new business selling food and drink at various locations in and around London from their Citroen H van.

This was undoubtedly was one of the most fun and creative projects we have undertaken to date. The client was extremely passionate about their new venture and it turned out to be a genuine collaborative team effort between both parties.

“ATE” stands for “A Taste Experience”, and the client was adamant about creating just that - an experience. An experience that people would remember, and they wanted their brand to be a big part of that. They wanted to make an impression and stand out from other street food companies with an original and striking identity.

After several meetings, with some thorough research in between, we developed, submitted and presented six key ideas.

Well it must have been a ‘meant to be’. The entire collaborative client-creative team loved one design in particular, and after a few tweaks, it was ready.

The end result meant we not only provided their vitally essential brand identity, but we also rolled-out the design for all their stationary and the graphics for their important street brand ambassador, their Citroen H van. We also carried it through to create a bespoke experience for their website, together with matching graphics for their social media platforms.

So what did ATE think?

“Gareth and James were instrumental in helping build our street food business - ATE. What began as an idea, has now grown into to a fully-fledged brand – one that is instantly recognisable in our industry and is fully in keeping with the image we wanted – and want - to portray.”

“From the beginning, it was clear to see the passion that Gareth has for design, as well as thinking all the time about those important brand extensions – how and where he can take the brand forward. We met up at different stages of the process, with many Skype calls in between, and every point was discussed and listened to.”

“It was so reassuring and inspiring to work with two guys who have so much enthusiasm and love for what they do. As Gareth and James supported us and believed in the idea and concept, we also grew in confidence, something which you need when starting a business. Their positive vibes and passion really rubbed off on us.”

“We remember very clearly seeing the branding artwork for the first time – a very poignant moment. ATE was born. This was really happening now!”

“When we began the business in October, 2013, we got straight on the phone, sending out emails and pushing our brand forward. With no trading experience, we got work on the strength of the branding. The website is really slick which is testament to James’ hard work and dedication to getting it right – even having a really eye catching signature on our emails sets us apart from our competition.”

“That was the main thing – James and Gareth didn’t just look at what other street food traders were doing – they wanted to create something totally different for us.”

If you would like to visit the site you can view it here

Gareth David
Designer at coolsquare